Corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship

EPI is a family company. Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA. We’d like the coming generations to be able to grow up healthy and happy. Dealing consciously with the environment is an important part of the EPI corporate culture, which is why we use recycled paper, energy-efficient lighting and equipment, reusable print cartridges and IT equipment in our business processes.

Working towards a sustainable chain

We select our suppliers with great care to make sure that they also deal consciously with the environment and their staff. Our partners in the field of raw materials are leading European suppliers who use the same principles as we do and work with a clear Responsible Care programme.

Minimising waste and stimulating reuse

EPI keeps the waste from the production process to a minimum. The residual waste that is created is removed separately in a very environmentally-friendly fashion. Our factory saves energy by using modern machines with time switches and short processing times. We produce in accordance with the strict ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. Even our packaging material is environmentally friendly. It is suitable for reuse and UN certified.

Contrary to other floor systems, there is no product waste and/or cutting loss during the installation of our flooring products by our partners. Any leftover material can be easily reused in a subsequent project. This reuse leads to a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated annually. EPI floor systems are easy to maintain and clean with water and ecological cleaning agents.

Development of environmentally friendly products

We invest a lot of time and money into developing innovative, environmentally friendly products. That’s why EPI floors are guaranteed to be durable and stay in good condition longer than floor systems from other manufacturers. For example, the lifespan of an EPI Superbase cast floor is an unparalleled thirty to forty years. Only the top layer has to be refurbished every seven to twelve years. Additionally, an EPI floor can always serve as a base for an entirely new floor.

Our floor systems are solvent-free and/or water-based, minimising the emission of volatile organic compounds. EPI products mainly contain natural raw materials such as biopolymers and natural fillers.

EPI PU resin floors are primarily based on pure and modified vegetal oils, combined with mineral fillers and pigments. Our floors are free from solvents and PVC and contain no chemical thinners. The products don’t contain any volatile organic components (VOC-free) and therefore have nearly no emissions after the products have hardened.