EPI PU-Sport

EPI polyurethane sports floors are known for their outstanding quality serving various sports in all types of climates all over the world. The high skid-resistance and unparalelled wear-resistance make our PU Sports systems the right choice for many athletes.

Polyurethane sports floors

EPI polyurethane sports floors are known for their guaranteed top quality for all kinds of sports in all possible climates across the world. The high slip resistance and the outstanding wear resistance make the PU Sports system the right choice for many athletes. Due to their durability and elastic properties, the floors can also be used for all kinds of sports, but also for various types of events. This really makes it a multifunctional floor with versatile options.


Renovating your EPI Sports floor is a quick job, just apply a new top layer revives your sports floor to near new quality. Hair cracks and damage are restored allowing you to enjoy your sports floor for years. Want a new colour scheme of other lineation? No problem, simply apply a new coating layer.


  • Seamless
  • Maximum skid resistance
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Optimal shock absorption
  • Sustainable and a long lifespan
  • Easy day-to-day, periodical and long term maintanance
  • Easy and fast renovation when needed
  • Optimal ball bounce
  • Available in a wide range of standard colours. Non-standard colours available on request.


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