EPI Court Tour

EPI supplies superior acrylic sports floor systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Our so-called EPI Court sports floor systems are specially developed for tennis courts, basketball courts, cycle paths, skate rinks, hiking trails and other multifunctional sports surfaces.

Multifunctional sports floors

EPI Court Tour is a 100% acrylic coating system, developed by our R&D team using the newest  raw materials and technology. EPI Court Tour is ITF compliant and designed and formulated for the installation of tennis and multifunctional sports surfaces. EPI Court Supreme Plus is pigmented and textured making it the ideal surface for a wide range of sports surfaces. Available is six standard colours. View the colour card for more info.

The unique play and shock absorption characteristics of our floors reduce the chance of injuries and optimise sports performance.

Member of ITF

In 2013 EPI became a general member of the ITF; the International Tennis Federation uniting 203 national tennis associations.


  • ITF-compatible
  • Water based
  •  Fast installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long lasting with excellent durability
  • Consistente pace
  • Excellent skid resistance when wet and dry
  • Slip resistance 70 Dry and 91 Dry (TRRL Pendulum)
  • ITF tested to Medium pace
  • Multiple layer water based acrylic
  • Non porous
  • 100% acrylic coating


EPI Court Advantage is constructed with a base layer of a water based re-surfacer mixed with dry, graded sand and applied with a rubber squeegee. Multiple layers of water based acrylic liquid cushion, followed by the first two layers of wear coats using the same rubber squeegee, allowing the first application to fully cure before application of the second layer. A final top coat is then applied using the same application technique. Game lines are added using EPI Court Game Line Paint in the required colours.

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