Research and development

Over 30 years of specialisation

EPI has been successfully manufacturing self levelling, pour-in-place floors for over 30 years. That can’t be because we’re behind the curve. It’s because we continuously research the market, it’s because we know what our clients want and because we thoroughly research what is technically possible day in day out. We can’t stand still and therefore we invest time, energy and money in our Research & Development and Quality Control departments.

First class quality

At EPI we deliver quality. This is important to our clients and just as important to us. As a manufacturer, we keep a close eye on the entire production process for our floors. This allows us to ensure the highest possible quality in everything we develop and deliver.

EPI Quality check

Continuous innovation

The world of pour-in-place flooring is changing. Customer requirements, new technologies, production methods, raw materials and regulations are changing. At EPI, we understand and embrace this. We leave nothing to chance. If we find an opportunity to do something better, we make sure we do it better.

Continuous Investment

Because Research & Development and Quality Control are so important to our company, we’ve invested heavily in these departments in recent years. Both departments have access to an ultra-modern laboratory of more than 250 m2. Our five specialists work with the most modern testing and analysis equipment available so we can deliver our clients the quality they demand every day.