Reference – Villa Oosterhout – Superbase

EPI Superbase Wit Keuken

A blank canvas

This beautiful villa is located in the green surroundings of  Oosterhout. The owners chose the colour EPI Icebar as a blank canvas on which the beautiful and original details such as the high windows, custom-made white furniture and the open staircases in the design come into their own.


Seamless from space to sploos van ruimte naar ruimte

The open plan layout of the villa is highlighted by the seamless cast floor which creates a beautiful, connected space. Because the floor is seamless, it is also easy to clean. In addition to being beautiful and easy to maintain, the EPI Superbase is also very comfortable.

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EPI Superbase floor in villa



Oosterhout, The Netherlands



EPI Superbase 600 NV



EPI Icebar

EPI Superbase Wit Livingroom
EPI Superbase Wit Fireplace
EPI Superbase Wit Stairs
EPI Superbase Wit doorkijk
EPI Superbase Wit Living
EPI Superbase Wit Bath
EPI Superbase Wit Bedroom
EPI Superbase Wit Hall