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EPI Corestone Grey Haze stoel

Around the corner

College de Heemlanden is a school for havo and atheneum level education, where ambition and involvement are key. With its wide range of challenging and modern education, the school offers many optional modules to its students. Both at havo and atheneum level there is attention for Arts, Science, Business and Sports. Hans Vervloet, facilities coordinator, was looking for a special floor with a distinct design to replace the standard Linoleum. Via the local newspaper he ended up at EPI. This makes sense, because we’re around the corner from each other. As the crow flies, De Heemlanden is based less than 2 kilometres from our headquarters, our production centre, and our showroom.


Maintenance friendly

The EPI Ecobase self levelling floors are maintenance-friendly and applicable in any room. For the assembly hall, corridors, and a number of classrooms, College de Heemlanden ended up opting for the EPI Ecobase 600MP. “This floor is much more maintenance-friendly than the Linoleum we have in the other rooms” says Hans Vervloet. Linoleum periodically requires major maintenance, which costs a lot of time and money. A self levelling floor does not need this extra maintenance.


Colourful and playful design

Another reason to choose an EPI self levelling floor is its unparalleled design options. Together with a stylist, College de Heemlanden created a unique design, incorporating the school’s colours and even physical ornaments.  Hans Vervloet: “In our modern, well-equipped school building, we of course require a beautiful floor. We needed the floor to be colourful, with a playful design and we’ve clearly succeeded on both accounts!”



EPI Ecobase in high school






EPI Ecobase



Unique design in house style colours

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