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Sustainable and maintenance-friendly

At 23 locations worldwide, Tribes offers inspiring offices, flexible workspaces, conference rooms, and business addresses for business nomads. Offering fresh coffee, high-speed internet, and in some locations even a dry-cleaner to do your laundry for you!

For its new location at Rotterdam Centraal station, Sebastiaan Viezee, Tribal Chief at Tribes, was looking for a floor that would be able to withstand a constant throng of people walking in and out, that meets hygiene regulations for catering businesses, and that creates the desired ambience and look. Together with their design agency, they selected the EPI Superbase self-leveling floor.


Sebastiaan explains: “Tribes distinguishes itself by being different, deviating from the standard, in a word; special, just like the EPI self-leveling floor.” The looks at Tribes are inspired by the nomadic tribes of New Guinea. The style at Rotterdam Centraal station is inspired by the Huli tribe. So, the interior is colourful, using yellows, reds, oranges, and greens. The colour “Glow” from the EPI Colour Collection is the perfect base to highlight the vibrant colours! 


“I’d quite like a floor like this at home!” Sebastiaan continues. “It is a real eye-catcher and we receive lots of positive feedback about it. The blend in the floor is what makes the floor special, it also makes it so the floor won’t look dirty. For a subsequent Tribes location, we are definitely interested in another EPI Superbase self-leveling floor!”



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EPI Superbase



EPI Glow

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