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Recently, Europe’s largest King Prawn farm opened its new facility in the south of Ukraine, with special thanks to our local distributor who has specified and installed EPI’s industrial PU-cement mortar Forcem SL-SR.


Meeting the specific requirements in the food industry

Over 2000 m2 of EPI Forcem SL-SR was installed in the production areas of this new, high-tech, closed-cycle, aqua-production facility that was built in the Mykolaiv region. This facility is to produce 500 tons of king prawns per year.
Due to the nature of this facility, EPI’s Forcem floor system was specified, Forcem SL-SR is a 4-component high-performance urethane-urea mortar flooringsystem that withstands the daily impact of mechanical loads, occasional chemical spillages and steam pressure washdowns. EPI Forcem SL-SR provides a seamless, slip-resistant surface that is extremely suitable for these environments.



Forcem PU-cement mortar self levelling floor for King Prawn farm






EPI Forcem SL-SR




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