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Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is a subsidiary of Hitachi and delivers storage solutions worldwide. During assembly, work takes place with extremely sensitive electronic components. During the construction of the new distribution system in Zaltbommel, it was as such very important that the assembly environment and test space complied with all applicable ESD standards.

EPI ESD-floors perform best in test

Dick Lunenberg, facility manager at HDS: “We very much value a safe and pleasant working environment and of course we want to avoid damage from electro-static discharges. We have to comply with strict ESD requirements as well as NEN-ISO standards, so we were very careful in selecting the right supplier for us. Our thorough selection procedure concluded that the ESD floors by EPI were the best option.”


The electro-static properties have improved after 4 years of use!

Dick Lunenberg: “All EPI product comply with and exceed the most recent ESD requirements and standards. Additional advantage is the relative easy with which they can be installed. Thanks to these properties we suffered no delay at all during construction. Furthermore, when, after four years of intensive use, the floor had to be tested, it emerged that the ESD properties had actually gotten even better.”



ESD Self levelling floor for Hitachi Data Systems






EPI ESD Self Levelling Floor



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