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EPI Corestone Grey Haze stoel

Self levelling floors are a great asset to every home! Whether the style is industrial or rural, classical or modern, a self levelling floor completes the look. That is also what the owners of a home in Vleuten thought, when they saw an advertisement for EPI’s Corestone floors on the internet.


Unique opportunity

“Some years ago, we came across a Corestone post on Facebook ” the owner of this gorgeous house tells us. When we recently started to make plans for an extension, we still remembered this floor. We had never really been satisfied with the wooden floor we had, so this was a unique opportunity to replace it with a floor that really makes us happy.”


Contrast between modern and classic

The owner has worked in an antique store for years. “My preference for old things started there,” he tells us. Our house is filled with antique objects and colourful things. By choosing a floor with a concrete look, you get a beautiful contrast between modern and classical and between modest and colourful.”


Powerful and sleek

“We are really excited about the result”, the owners tell us. “The floor’s powerful appearance and its sleek character combine well with the antique interior, but do not detract from it.  Our old floor? We don’t miss it at all! Not only are EPI Corestone floors far more beautiful, they are also easier to maintain and very comfortable



EPI Corestone Classic floor in house






EPI Corestone Classic



EPI Grey Haze

EPI Corestone Grey Haze Living Room 2
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Living Room 3
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Pillow
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Living Room
EPI Corestone Grey Haze gang
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Chair