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EPI Superbase Autumn Kitchen

Mieke and Daan from Hardenberg in Overijssel came to the EPI Experience in Houten to gain inspiration for their detached house. During their search for the ideal cast floor, EPI helped with the choice of color. “My husband and I had already decided which floor it should be. We wanted something with stones and shells. In addition, we wanted the existing and the new part to seamlessly blend. A mood board with materials, structures and colours helped us decide on the EPI Gusto Fennai floor” says Mieke.


Spacious livingroom

The ground floor has the Gusto floor. The cast floor has a light colour which gives a spacious effect. In combination with underfloor heating the cast floor feels very comfortable. Ideal to wind down and relax after a busy day.

Contemporary bathroom

Cast floors are extremely suitable as bathroom floors. Due to the waterproof and seamless properties, moisture and dirt don’t stand a chance. The bathroom in Hardenberg has the same Gusto cast floor as the living room. The integrated shower drain gives the bathroom a chic look.



“We are extremely happy with the floor. I was a little hesistant on how it would turn out in reality. Maintenance is simple, the floor is easy to clean and you hardly notice any dirt. I look forward to enjoying this floor for years to come.“

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EPI Gusto cast floor in house






EPI Gusto microterrazzo



EPI Gusto Fennai

EPI Superbase Autumn Dining room
EPI Superbase Autumn Livingroom
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EPI Superbase Autumn Kitchen