Reference – Electronics shop Lunenburg – Superbase

uElectronics store Lunenburg in Nuland has been a household name in the region for years. The new store on Rijksweg has a modern and industrial look. A look that matches the identity of the family business.

Not just any store

Lunenburg has distinguished itself for years through their excellent service, product knowledge and stock. The consultants take the time for the customer. When you visit the store, you experience the feeling of coming home. This feeling is characterized by the use of strong and raw materials, such as wood and steel. “A cast floor fits perfectly with the layout of our store and EPI was able to supply us with this floor,” says Robbert van Hanenberg of the Lunenburg store. 

Strong, sleek and industrial

“We have had the floor for a year now and are extremely satisfied with the end result. During the application process, we had the opportunity to give instructions about how we wanted the blend (red. mix of two colours) to look on the floor. The pattern throughout the store is unique and we have literally been able to shape the floor to our own liking. The EPI Superbase has been done in a light and in a dark gray blend. The different colours indicate the various departments,” says Robbert. “Our store attracts many visitors every day. The floor had to be durable and able to withstand a knock. The Superbase cast floor in a blend colour has the character of a concrete-look floor, but has the advantages of a PU cast floor. This makes the floor very strong and easy to maintain. With a store of more than 400m2, this is ideal,” says Robbert. 

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Electronics Store



Nuland, The Netherlands



EPI Superbase 60 nv



Two differents blends of NCS colours in grey