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EPI Superbase Grey blend Kids Lodge

Colourful, hygenic and comfortable floors at Kids Lodge.

Kids Lodge is a family center for families with children aged 0 to 13. In 2013 their new building in Houten was commissioned. Thanks to EPI self-levelling floors, all rooms are rich in colour and fanciful.


A self-levelling floor for each space

In the gymnastics room, the EPI PU-Sport floor was installed. In the entrance, the restaurant, the toilets, and in the areas for children, EPI Superbase was installed. In the toilet, the floors slightly overflow onto the walls to make it easier to keep them clean. Louise de Ruiter, founder of Kids Lodge: “In hindsight, I’d have quite liked to have that throughout the entire building. It is ideal.”


A good investment

The floor was installed in 2013 and has not discoloured since. Louise: “We still receive positive feedback about the floor. People find it colourful, playful, and a perfect fit for the purpose. Even after nine years, the colours remain beautiful and vibrant. If we ever have to replace it, I’ll go with an EPI floor again. It truly is a good investment!”



EPI Superbase in the entry zone, the restaurant, the kids areas and washrooms, EPI PU-sport in the gymnastics room






EPI Superbase and EPI PU-sport



Various bright colours in a personal design

EPI Corestone Grey Haze Living Room 3
EPI Corestone Grey Haze gang
EPI Superbase Glow Tribes Rotterdam Stairs
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Living Room 2
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Pillow
EPI Corestone Grey Haze Chair