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Sleek, colourfast and comfortable

In 1992, Mark Peet Visser is 24 years old when he, being the youngest art dealer of the Netherlands, opens his gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In the spring of 2017, he opened a second branch in Knokke, Belgium; just off the beach.

Noice reducing

For the floor a snow-white, seamless EPI-600 NV cast floor with a matte finishing lacquer was chosen. This floor type is, partially due to its noise-reducing functionality, very suitable for spaces that see many visitors. “As a counterpart for the rough, industrial-looking ceiling of the gallery, we wanted a light floor with a sleek appearance,” Marcel van Vugt of Mark Peet Visser Gallery explains. “The intended contrast is exactly what the white cast floor from EPI provides.”


Long lasting white

“It is important to us that the floor remains white,” Marcel continues. “Together with the white walls, a kind of unity is created, bringing tranquillity to the space.” This ensures that the artwork displayed in the Mark Peet Visser Gallery get the full attention of the visitors. Now, and in the future!”



Stark white floor for art gallery






EPI Superbase



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