EPI project support

Useful resources, information and links about EPI products to help you choose the right floor for your project.

The foundation of any project is an EPI floor 

A design project starts with a good foundation, the floor. Whatever your project is, the floor must meet all kinds of requirements and standards, and of course, look good and be durable. EPI has been working with heart and soul on developing and designing first-class self-levelling floors for over 30 years. We are happy to use that knowledge and experience to help you select the best floor for your project. We have put together a number of topics that regularly appear in the floor selection process to help you. Check our references for inspiration.

Our floors contribute to the sustainability measurement of buildings, for example for BREEAM certification. The EPI Superbase floor has been included in the Mindful Materials library, where all HPDs (Health Product Declaration), certificates and test results are listed together. Building Material Scout contains the information about our products that you need for the Green Building Assessment.

You are of course very welcome in our EPI Experience in Houten, the Netherlands – by appointment – to admire our floors in real life. We are happy to give you honest and technical advice about our floor systems. We can also do this in a virtual appointment.

Why choose an EPI Floor

In addition to all the aesthetic arguments for choosing a cast floor, there are a number of important practical properties:
– EPI floors are always seamless and because they are seamless, they are hygienic, easy to clean and keep clean and they make a room look bigger.

– EPI floors are very strong with a lifespan of 30 to 40 years, they hardly show any wear. Just the top layer needs to be replaced every seven to twelve years and it can be reapplied quickly and easily, you don’t have to renew the entire floor right away. The new top layer is so thin that no structural adjustment is necessary. If you opt for this solution from EPI, the space can be fully used again after 48 hours.

– You can amend the floor to the usage requirements of the floor. Think of floors that are heavily loaded chemically, thermally and/or mechanically, but also anti-slip, ESD and/or UV resistant are possible.

– EPI floors are available in a wide variety of colours. We have developed our own colour collections for the design floors and all floors are available in RAL, NCS and Sikkens colours. You can also opt to have a logo or pattern cast as a secondary school in Houten did. View all design colours here.

Compliance, rules, regulations and certificates

Buildings and floors need to comply with safety and sustainability guidelines and standards. We do not want our customers to have to find out for themselves whether our systems have been developed and delivered in accordance with the most recent standards. Our own Research & Development team carries out extensive tests when developing our products, but also when new raw materials are used. Scratch resistance, fire requirements and tensile and impact strength to name just a few of the tests. Before the products leave the factory, they undergo strict quality control. Of course, tests are also carried out by external parties. If you need a test report or certificate, please contact us.

EPI works according to a management system in accordance with NEN-ISO 9001 and NEN-ISO 14001.


EPI floors contribute to the sustainability rating of your project in multiple ways:

Our floor systems are solvent-free and/or water-based, which minimizes the emission of volatile organic compounds. EPI’s products largely contain natural raw materials such as biopolymers and natural fillers.

Due to the durability, long lifespan and low maintenance requirements of our systems, the environmental impact is reduced. Usage of cleaning agents is lower and need to replace the floor less often. If you do want to replace the floor with something else, the floor can remain in place and can easily be overlaid.

Unlike other flooring systems, there is no product and/or cutting loss when installing our flooring products. Any leftover material can easily be used in another project. This reuse results in a significant annual reduction in the total amount of waste.

Meet our floors

As we produce the floors in our own factory we have extensive knowledge in house to give you tailored advice. Contact us via the form below or call  our specialists direct.

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