Floors for workshops and garages

A strong, wear-resistant floor is extremely important for garages and workshops. Cars and buses are driven in and out every day, tools and machines are placed on the floor and the floor is used by visitors and staff. A high quality workshop or garage floor can withstand these specific loads and this usage, as well as resist liquids such as oil, grease and fuel.

EPI floors for garages and workshops

EPI self-leveling floors for garages and workshops are easy to clean and very strong. In addition, the floors are liquid-tight. This means that fuels, lubricants, and chemicals do not have a chance to penetrate into the floor or damage your floor. EPI self-leveling floors for the mobility sector have low maintenance costs and a long lifespan. Your investment will definitely pay itself back in no time.

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EPI PU gietvloeren voor de industrie


The most important functional properties of EPI cast floors for garages are:

  • Liquid-tight and resistant to grease and chemicals
  • Low-maintenance and wear-resistant
  • The floors are seamless and therefore easy to clean.
  • Ergonomically responsible
  • Skid resistance properties
  • Cost efficient
  • Suiteable for PBV statement

Self-leveling floors vs concrete floors

Concrete floors are often chosen to save on costs. However, in the long run, this can prove to be a costly decision. Concrete floors are porous, difficult to keep clean and continue to give off dust. resulting in unexpected high maintenance costs. Besides that these floors usually do not meet current environmental requirements. EPI offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and maintenance-friendly alternative: self-leveling garage floors.

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EPI PU gietvloeren voor de industrie

Strong, impact-resistant and wear-resistant

The floors of workshops and garages are usually heavily loaded. Vehicles drive in and out of garages. In workshops, there is often a point load due to the use of heavy machines and tools. All reasons why the floor of a garage or workshop must be able to take a beating. EPI floors are strong, impact-resistant, and wear-resistant which makes them an excellent base for the workshop or garage.

Fast installation

The installation or renovation of the floor in your workshop or garage has consequences for your business operations. You will not be able to use the space for a few days. Planning is crucial however we have fast-curing solutions. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Once the floor is installed you will be able to enjoy it for years! An EPI workshop or garage floor can last you for years and requires little maintenance.

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Are you considering a self-leveling floor? At EPI we have over 30 years of experience developing and producing self-leveling floors. Whatever your specific requirements are, we can help you. Read more about the different systems on our overview page or contact one of our experts.

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The all new colour collection

The all new colour collection

The all-new colour collection has been developed in close collaboration with renowned designers Maison Marie, AL Architects, EQ Interior and TREU Interior Specials. The article below describes the development process for exciting, on-trend colours for our floors.Armed...

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Concrete versus PU self-levelling floors

Concrete versus PU self-levelling floors

Often a PU self-levelling floor is compared to a cement-bound self-levelling floor (also referred to as concrete, concrete ciré, living concrete, design concrete or concrete look) We are happy to explain the differences to you so you can make a well-informed...

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Functional design floors

Functional design floors

The versatility of cast floors makes them the ideal floor for corporate spaces. Not just for offices but also for restaurants, schools, galleries and museums the cast floor is an ideal floor. At EPI we combine the comfortable and functional qualities of a cast floor...

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Selecting an industrial floor

Selecting an industrial floor

Industrial floors usually have very specific requirements and high demands, all depending on the use of the space. Industrial floors must be able to resist forces varying from high loads, heavy traffic, chemicals, liquids, heat to moisture, and usually a combination...

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