Industrial floors to meet your specific needs

Industrial floors usually have special requirements and high demands, all depending on the use of the space. Industrial floors must be able to resist high loads, chemicals or liquids and in some cases be suitable for rooms where work is done with moisture or heat. 

What to be aware of

When you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing building, choices need to be made. Your floor needs to meet specific requirements, but there will also be practical and design aspects to be considered. For example, production needs to continue during renovation or accessibility of the building.

Factors influencing the selection of your floor:

  • Does the cast floor have to be resistant to very high or very low temperatures?
  • Should the floor have an anti-static character?
  • Is a high hygiene factor important? What is the cleaning protocol
  • Does the floor have to withstand a high mechanical load?
EPI Superbase gietvloer keuken

Advantages of an EPI Industrial floor

  • Seamless. Cleaning is easy.
  • Maintenance-friendly. Your production will run undisturbed for years.
  • High point load and increased crack bridging.
  • Liquid-tight and resistant to grease and chemicals.
  • Suitable for very high and very low temperatures.
  • Can withstand the heavy load of machines and heavy traffic.


The way the space is being used will be the biggest deciding factor for what floor you need. What options are available?

  • Non-slip finish
  • Liquid density
  • ESD, when the floor needs to be anti-static
  • The degree of load determines how hard or resilient the floor should be.
  • Cleanroom (Contribution to achieving Standard 1, 2 or 3 through smooth floor finish)
EPI Superbase gietvloer keuken

Our floors can contribute to achieving HACCP, ISO, Green Building Council and Cleanroom standards and certifications. Read more about the different systems on our overview page or contact one of our experts.

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Reduction of risk of cracks with EPI Superbase with Membrane

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