Functional design floors

The versatility of cast floors makes them the ideal floor for corporate spaces. Not just for offices but also for restaurants, schools, galleries and museums the cast floor is an ideal floor. At EPI we combine the comfortable and functional qualities of a cast floor with the design aspects.

Qualities of a cast floor

The most important qualities of a cast floor are:

  • Cast floors are very easy to clean.
  • The floors hardly need maintenance.
  • A cast floor is seamless. Which means dirt doesn’t get stuck in cracks or crevices that are hard to reach
  • Functional properties are combined with unlimited design options. Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Cast floors give a space a stylish, sleek and spacious look
EPI Superbase gietvloer keuken


Floors for stores

A cast floor will give your shop a stylish, fresh look. Cleaning is simple and the scratch-resistant topcoat ensures the floor stays beautiful for years. The lack of seams creates a spacious look and feel.

Floors for hospitality

Floors in hospitality require a high level of hygiene, the seamless cast floor combines just that with a sleek and stylish design. Even the kitchen can look great especially when a skid-resistant layer is added.

Floors for offices

Give your office a sleek yet practical floor. A cast floor is easy to clean and maintain and gives a spacious and modern look to any office space.

Floors for garage or workshop

Garage floors need to be able to handle heavy mechanical loads. The floor also needs to be fluid-tight and grease and chemical resistant.

EPI cast floors for businesses

EPI develops and produces high-end cast floors. We combined comfort, warmth, ease and hygiene in the EPI Superbase cast floor.  

The main advantages of cast floor:

  • Hygienic
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Comfortable and warm, the floor takes on the room temperature
  • A sleek, modern and spacious look
  • Sustainable. The EPI Superbase cast floor is produced with natural raw ingredients
EPI Superbase gietvloer keuken

Are you considering a cast floor? At EPI we have over 30 years of experience developing and producing cast floors. Whatever your specific requirements are, we can help you. Read more about the different systems on our overview page or contact one of our experts.

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Concrete versus PU cast floors

Concrete versus PU cast floors

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Floors for workshops and garages

Floors for workshops and garages

A strong, wear-resistant floor is extremely important for garages and workshops. Cars and buses are driven in and out every day, tools and machines are placed on the floor and the floor is used by visitors and staff. A high quality workshop or garage floor can...

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Selecting an industrial floor

Selecting an industrial floor

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Reduction of risk of cracks with EPI Superbase with Membrane

Reduction of risk of cracks with EPI Superbase with Membrane

Cast floors are immensely popular because they are stylish and comfortable. Evidently, such eye-catching floors should be free of defects.  Therefore, we developed the EPI Superbase cast floor with a special crack-bridging membrane. This membrane absorbs 99% of all...

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