Maintenance advice

We want you to be able to enjoy your EPI floor as much and as long as possible which is why we listed maintenance advice and useful tips to keep your floor in top condition. 

In general

Maintaining your EPI floor system properly and regularly will result in a permanently beautiful, high-quality and safe floor. Factors determining the amount of cleaning and maintenance are colour and design, but also the floor’s load. As our design floors are not porous, they do not let through moisture and are easy to clean.

For example in the Netherlands Smart Floor Solutions sells high-quality cleaning products and machines we used as an example in this maintenance advice. You can order the products on

Maintenance consists of four parts:

  • Preventive measures to protect the floor
  • Daily maintenance
  • Weekly maintenance
  • Periodic maintenance
EPI Superbase Grey Light Livingroom

Preventive measures


To prevent scratches we advise putting a scraper or absorptive mat, e.g. Storax or Hamat at the door. This prevents sand and stone dust to be tracked into the building. We suggest the entrance solutions of Storax of Hamat.

Furniture protection

Prevention is key, make sure furniture cannot scratch the floor. Lift your furniture when moving it instead of shoving it and cover furniture legs. For more information about chair glides or furniture pads please check Make sure office chairs are fitted with special soft wheels for hard floor covering.

Avoid wet and moist objects

Please prevent placing wet or moist objects such as wood, rubber and leather on the floor as these may cause staining.

Check for stains

Regularly check for stains so they can be removed before they become permanent. Certain substances, for example, alcohol, iodine, ketchup and mustard can create permanent stains. Have you had a party where a glass of wine was spilt, mop this up as fast as possible, at least within 30 minutes to prevent the stain to become permanent.

Carpet free of softening agents

A carpet under your furniture is also a good idea. A beautiful carpet gives your room just that extra touch and it prevents possible scratches. However, the bottom layer of your carpet should not contain any softening agents, i.e. it should not have any jelly-like substances. This also applies to any antiskid mats. It is best to choose a carpet made of natural materials such as wool or jute.


Depending on how dirty the floor becomes it is advisable to maintain the floor daily. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush and suction nozzle and replace the dust bag regularly. Avoid oil-impregnated dusting cloths for wiping the floor. Check for stains and remove there with a damp moist microfibre cloth. 


Dust mopping/vacuuming does not remove all dirt. It is necessary to wet clean the floor at least once a week after vacuuming it. You can do this by hand or mechanically, depending on the surface and the amount of dirt.

Please refrain from using abrasives, as these may cause scratches; also, agents containing chlorine may leave stains on self-levelling floors. Products containing soap and polymers are also unsuitable, as they leave behind a film, which affects cleaning in due course. In a nutshell: you should clean your floor regularly in the prescribed way and use cleaning products that are suitable for your floor. Smart Floor Solutions sells high-quality cleaning products and handy scrubber driers. You can order products via



  • Use a microfibre flat mop system with 2 buckets, one for dirty water and one for moping water.
  • Always use a clean mop.
  • Add for example Smart Floor Solutions Cleaner MP50 to the mopping water (ratio 1:1 to 1:50).

Machine cleaning

  • Use a scrubber drier machine.
  • Add Smart Floor Solutions Cleaner MP50 to the clean water (ratio 1:1 to 1:50)

Periodic maintenance

Your EPI floor is finished with an EPI topcoat. This makes the floor easy to maintain. Depending on how the floor is used and the related degree of soiling the floor needs a thorough clean once or twice a year. This will remove persistent dirt affecting the floor’s appearance. Use Smart Floor Solutions SP50 (ratio 1:1 to 1:50).


  • Preferably use a scrubber dryer or a Doodle Bug with a red pad
  • Add Smart Floor Solutions SP50 to clean water in the scrubber dryer (ratio 1:1 to 1:50)
  • Scrub the floor (do not vacuum) with the scrubber drier, with a brush holder or a pad holder with a red pad and let it work for approximately 10 minutes. Do not let it dry!
  • Scrub the borders along the walls with a Doodle-Bug with a red pad
  • Then scrub and vacuum the floor again with the scrubber dryer

Cleaning schedule

Action Method Product Frequence Materials
Dust mopping (dry) and/or Vacuuming (soft brush) Microfibre cloth Daily Dust mopping system
Mopping Moist, not too much water Smart Floor Solutions MP50    Dose 1:1 to 1:50 Weekly Flat mop-system with microfibre
Scrub with red pad and water vacuuming (as needed and minimum twice per year) Smart Floor Solutions SP50 Dose 1:1 to 1:50 Periodic Scrubber dryer machine with a red pad. Doodle-bug with red pad for edges
Rubber marks and heavy soiling Spray heavily soiled places Smart Floor Solutions SP50 spray-bottle Weekly Red pad /damp moist cloth