Industrial floors

The industrial sector is very diverse and with it come diverse requirements.
Our in-house R&D team has developed a wide range of floors for any industrial use imaginable.
Our team of specialists are happy to give you tailored advice to make sure our floors meet your specific requirements.

High usage

The industrial sector is very diverse, so our industrial floors are as well. Each branch of industry has its own requirements and priorities. For example, the requirements posed by the food industry are very different from those posed by the chemical industry. Whatever your requirements are, our specialists will develop the right solution.

Whether an industrial floor is installed in a factory hall, a warehouse, a distribution centre or a workshop; it is likely be used very intensively. EPI industrial floors are resistant to heavy loads, liquids and a range of chemicals. As a standard our floors are seamless and dust-free. Additionally you can a non-skid and/ or ESD- & ATEX-proof layer.

Tailor made to suit your needs

EPI fully customises your industrial floor according to your specifications. This is also possible  with regards to design. Whether you’d like to incorporate your company logo in the floor, have a specific colour scheme or prefer to include a pattern, we can take care of that for you. We can also apply functional lineation on the floor, for example to indicate routing or walkways.


When reorganising an industrial space and for example move scaffolding, it is often necessary to renovate the floor. The EPI industrial floors are ideally suitable for installation in these situations. The new top layer is so thin that no structural adjustments are necessary. When you choose this EPI solution, the surface is ready to bear loads again after only 48 hours.

PMMA & MMA distributor

EPI produces and delivers design, sports, functional and industrial floorsystems in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Since 2020 we are the official Silikal distributor for the Benelux. Hereby we can supply high-end flooring systems to even more companies and sectors.

Expert advice

Feel free to ask our experts’ advice through the form below or call them directly. We are happy to help you decide which floor best suits your needs.

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