PMMA & MMA distributor

Since 2020 EPI is the official Silikal distributor in the Benelux.
This allows us to provide even more companies and sectors with high-end floor systems
and have a wide range of MMA, Epoxy and PU products available.

Why choose Silikal flooring systems

  • Fast: applied within a day
  • Hygienic: seamless and liquid-tight
  • Safe: non-slip coating to provide safe working conditions
  • Wear-resistant: resistant to a high load and, oa. moisture, acids, oils and greases
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Can also be used at low temperatures (down to -25°C)

Floor ready within one day

Na maximaal twee uur is een Silikal vloer uitgehard en klaar voor intensief gebruik. Hierdoor is het mogelijk om uw deuren open te houden en uw bedrijfsvoering voort te zetten. Een Silikal vloer is optimaal te reinigen door het naadloze en scheurvrije karakter. Daarnaast zijn de vloeren uitstekend bestand tegen vocht, kou, zouten, zuren en mechanische belasting.
After a maximum of two hours, a Silikal floor is cured and ready for intensive use. This allows you to keep your business open and continue your business operations. A Silikal floor allows for optimal cleaning due to it being seamless and crack free. In addition, the floors are extremely resistant to moisture, cold, salts, acids and mechanical stress.

Safe and wear-resistant

Silikal offers a range of non-skid coatings to ensure safe working conditions anywhere. From low degrees of anti-skid to highest standards in for example food processing industry and fish markets.

Silikal floors are resistant to mechanical stress, but also to alkalis, acids, fats, oils, salts and moisture. This keeps the floor crack-free and does not become porous. 

Silikal floors are available in various colors and with different decorations.

Expert advice

Feel free to ask our experts’ advice through the form below or call them directly. We are happy to help you decide which floor best suits your needs and requirements.

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