EPI PU Self levelling floors

Industrial floors are often heavily used. When chosing a new floor you want to be assured that the floor can take heavy traffic and loads, cleaning and maintenance are easy and the floors lasts a long period of time.

Intensive usage

EPI PU self levelling floors for industrial purposes are meant to withstand heavy usage. They are resistant to heavy loads, fluids and chemicals. As traffic of machinery and people is usually intense it is important to choose a reliable floor. Whether your are looking for new flooring for your workshop, ditribution centre, warehouse or manufacturing hall.

Product properties

  • Seamless
  • Elastic (optional)
  • Crack-bridging (optionel)
  • Liquid and waste liquid-tight
  • Increased resistance to acids, alkalis and hot water
  • Increased resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Sustainable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Heavy loadbearing

EPI Advanced base

A robust industrial floor finish with permanently elastic properties. EPI Advanced base (EPI 60 MP) is applied as industrial self levelling flooring finish for warehouses, logistic centres, storage areas, shopfloors, garages and workshops for example.

EPI Industrial base

EPI Industrial base (EPI 80 MP) is a robust industrial floor finish with permanently elastic properties.
This flooring system consists of multiple sublayers, a self levelling layer and a non-yellowing matte coloured finish. Available in an extensive palette of uni-colours and can, optionally, be supplied with decorative flakes.

Suitable for factory halls, logistic centres, schools, hospitals, canteens, wholesalers and retail.

Expert advice

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