Functional floors

EPI has developed a full range of flooring systems for functional use. Suitable for areas that have high traffic or are heavily used. 

Versatile, for indoor and outdoor use

Whether a floor is applied in a factory, workshop, distribution center or a park deck; chances are that the floor must meet various strict requirements. Each area and industry has its own requirements and priorities. For example, the requirements for a parking area are very different from the requirements that the retail industry has for floors in shops. Whatever your requirements are, our specialists will find the best suitable solution.

EPI has floor systems for any functional application. The systems are extremely suitable for use in industrial buildings, utility, hospitals, public buildings, logistics, wholesalers, parking garages, bridge decks, balconies and galleries and retail floors. The systems can be used indoors and outdoors, have an increased skid resistance and an increased wear resistance. In addition, they are resistant to normal to heavy loads, liquid-tight, seamless and dust-free.

Possibilities and design

EPI can fully customize your functional floor according to your specifications. We also do this when it comes to the desired design. Do you want to incorporate your company logo into the floor, do you have a specific color scheme to adher to or would you like to include a pattern,  we make it work for you. It is also possible to apply functional lines to the floor, for example to indicate walkways or routing.

Quick solutions for renovation projects

When you redesign a room and, for example, move racks, it is often necessary to renovate the floor. The functional floors of EPI are ideally suited for use in these types of situations. The new top layer is so thin that no structural adjustment is necessary. If you opt for this EPI solution, the area be fully loaded again after 48 hours.

Meet our floors

As we produce the floors in our own factory we have extensive knowledge in house to give you tailored advice. Contact us via the form below or call  our specialists direct.

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