EPI Self levelling floors

The most beautiful self levelling, seamless floors for schools, offices, reatil and hospitality.
Light or dark, warm or cold, sleek or natural; all aspects have a direct influence on the way you experience your surroundings.
This experience starts with the floor as blank canvas.

Safe, sustainable and reliable

Flooring systems in schools, offices, retail and catering buildings have to endure quite a bit. They are high traffic buildings where day in, day out, people walk, move chairs, desks or tables and racks for example. Therefore these flooring systems must be extremely wear-resistant, but that is not the only requirement for design floors in schools, offices, retail properties and catering establishments. Safety is also important and goes further than just preventing slips. In schools, offices and larger retail properties, the floor is in some cases also used to indicate the walking / or escape route.

EPI understands how important these floors are and delivers reliable flooring systems that are user friendly as well as low maintenance. Our systems are produced and inspected according to the NEN-ISO 9001/14001 standard.

EPI Advanced base

EPI Advanced Base is a seamless self-levelling floor, consisting of one or multiple ground layers, a cast layer and a non-yellowing, matte, coloured, finish.

The EPI Advanced Base system is a perfect match for high-traffic areas where design and aesthetics are just as important. The system is available in many uni colours, including white. As an option, you can add decorative flakes of 1mm. EPI Advanced Base can be applied with increased skid resistance.

EPI Superbase

EPI Superbase is a seamless, non-yellowing design flooring system. It consists of multiple layers, substrate, cast layer and matte finish.

The EPI Superbase system is very suitable for  high traffic areas, where design plays an important role. The floor feels comfortable, reduces contact noise and is availbale in various acoustic and crack-bridging varieties.

EPI 2000 POX

EPI 2000 POX is powerful and economic solution. This flooring system is glossy and is built up by one or multiple layers, decorative flakes or anti-skid are optional. This system can be applied in one day when a special sublayer is used.

This flooring solution is especially useful for industry, utility construction, healthcare, schools, logistics and warehousing. The EPI2000 POX system is very suitable for heavy usage including transport usage.

EPI 3000 POX

EPI 3000 POX  is an epoxy binder, mostly used in combination with pigment and fillers. Suitable for usage as primer, scratchlayer, castlayer and coatinglayer on cement- and anhydrite bound substrates. 

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