EPI Bridgedeck systems

EPI Bridgedeck systems have been specifically  developed to save time and aviod risks. The wear layers are Kiwa-certified in the highest traffic classes, even on steel and damp concrete.

Installed in one day

When installing a bridge deck system, every hour that the deck is (partially) closed for traffic is an hour too long. At EPI we know this all too well, so we put a lot of energy into the research and development of the perfect bridge deck system.

We have reseached the most optimal combination of a number of important variables: time, risk avoidance, convenience, quality and sustainability. This approach has proven to be successful, as more and more clients choose EPI systems because of their many advantages.

Lower risk of delays

When developing our systems we gave priority to decreasing the risk of delays for parking construction and renovation projects. Our systems are suitable for installation on damp concrete. Which allows projects to continue under harsh weather conditions that would delay projects when using traditional systems.


The first priority when developing our bridge deck systems was to make sure our systems have a short curing time. By keeping this as short as possible, bridges and overpasses can be delivered more quickly. The fast curing allows one to apply two layers within one day.

One product for any type of substrate

Whether you’re dealing with a wooden, concrete or steel substrate, you can use the same product for any base. Installers therefore only need to stock one product, and we make sure these are always stocked.


  • Fast curing
  • Suitable for damp substrates
  • Can be applied in one day
  • Meets RTD 1015 and Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Waterways and Public Works) requirements
  • Kiwa-certified
  • No Mannich base hardeners

Quality and sustainability

The EPI wear layers are Kiwa-certified in the highest traffic classes; even on steel and damp concrete. This ensures you comply with the strict requirements of the Department of Waterways and Public Works and even RTD 1015.

EPI always strives to use products that are better for humans and the environment. Unlike classic epoxy materials, our products do not contain any Mannich base hardeners.

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