EPI Balcony and gallery finishes

EPI Balcony and gallery finishes are sustainable, safe and fast curing flooring solutions for balconies, terraces and galleries.
Our systems are fluid-tight and weatherproof and have a long lifespan. 

Safe and sustainable

EPI Balcony and gallery finishes are highly sustainable flooring solutions on more than one level. When selecting a system economical reasons and maintenance needs are usually the main deciding factor. Our systems are easy to maintain, they don’t need a lot of maintenance anyway, and are fast-curing so often need jst one day to be apllied.

By adding a crack bridging membrane movements in the substrate are taken in, which means less risk of waterdamage for example. Safety is ensured because of the non-wearing skid resistant properties of our floors

Indoor and outdoor use

EPI Balcony and gallery finishes easily withstand the elements when used outdoors. Our systems are fluid-tight because they are seamless. The use of special UV coatings ensures the finish keeps its original fresh colour.


  • Seamless
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Remains flexible (when membrane is used)
  • Applicable in and outdoors
  • Applicable over exsisting (tile) floors
  • Skid resistance: R11 (tot R12)
  • Completely solvent free
  • Non yellowing in normal daylight (depends on system)
  • Load-bearing quality tailored for foot traffic
  • Fluid tight
  • Increased crack bridging qualities when menbrane is used

Meet our floors

As we produce the floors in our own factory we have extensive knowledge in house to give you tailored advice. Contact us via the form below or call  our specialists direct.

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