Floors for retail & galleries

The design possibilities of EPI’s self levelling, seamless floors are endless. Available in a wide range of solid colors, blend colors and various ad-on options. Enough choices to please every interior design expert. Our floors are maintenance-friendly and wear-resistant.

Unlimited design options and maintenance- friendly

Do you own a shop, gallery or showroom? It makes perfect sense to consider a seamless, self-levelling floor. Our floors work really well whether they work as a backdrop to showcase your products or stand out and draw people in. Either way, the design possibilities are endless. The other reason to consider a seamless self levelling floor is the fact that these floors are maintenance friendly, cleaning is an easy job and the lifespan is on average 30 years. 

EPI Superbase Grey Light Kitchen plant
EPI Superbase Blend Nature livingroom

Renovation made easy

In the vast majority of cases, an EPI seamless self levelling floor can be installed directly over the existing floor. The layer thickness is minimal (only 1 or 3 mm), so adjustments to doors are often unnecessary. Because the existing floor is used as a base, there is no need for intensive demolition work. Local imperfections and damaged areas are easy to remove with quickly reacting materials. 

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EPI Superbase Grey Light Kitchen plant
EPI Superbase Blend Nature livingroom

Get to know our floors

We have a variety of flooring systems suitable for office spaces. See below for  a selection. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom “EPI Experience” and share our expertise with you. Click the button below to get in touch or book an appointment to visit.

A selection of EPI flooring systems for retail and galleries

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