Floors for hospitality industry

Are you considering a self-levelling seamless floor for your restaurant, bar, hotel or pub? It makes perfect sense,
our floors are skid resistant, easy to maintain and clean, fluid-tight and wear-resistant,
plus they look great and are available in a multitude of colours and designs.

A perfect fit in any interior

Do you own a restaurant, bar, hotel or pub? Besides the pratical reasons for choosing a specific floor it will be important to you that your floor refects the style and atmosphere you are looking to create. In our showroom, the EPI Experience, you can see and feel our self levelling floors in person. To help you decide on a colour we have delevoped a colour brochure for you to download. 

Vloeren voor kantoren, EPI Gietvloeren

Properties and requirements

The requirements posed for catering floors are strict. The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority assesses your floors for hygienic aspects and an important part of the RI&E in the catering industry is the safety of the various workspaces. EPI supplies floor systems that meet all HACCP, Dutch DWP (SZW) Inspection and Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) requirements. Whether these pertain to hygiene, environment or employee safety. Our specialists are happy to advise you about the catering floor that fulfils your wishes as well as any requirements imposed.

Our catering floors are very comfortable, have a luxurious appearance and are durable. If we deliver a restaurant floor, we make sure it can withstand aggressive cleaning agents. If we also provide the kitchen floor, we take wet floors and high point loads caused by heavy equipment into account. EPI catering floors are:

  • Sustainable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Wear-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a very wide range of colours

An EPI catering self levelling, seamless floor is a practical floor with a very luxurious appearance. Whether it’s the floor in your restaurant, your kitchen, behind the bar or in the toilets, there is an EPI floor system for every space in your catering establishment.

EPI Superbase Grey Light Kitchen plant
EPI Superbase Blend Nature livingroom

Meet our floors

We have a variety of flooring systems suitable for the hospitality industry. See below for  a selection. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom “EPI Experience” and share our expertise with you. Click the button below to get in touch or book an appointment to visit.

A selection of EPI flooring systems for hospitality

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