Floors for garages and workshops

EPI floors are strong, impact and wear resistant, fluid-tight and a perfect match for any garage or workshop.

Strong, impact and wear resistant

Workshops and garages often have a concrete floor. An inexpensive choice, but a concrete floor has a number of disadvantages. They are porous, difficult to keep clean and they remain to create dust. Also, they do not comply with current environmental requirements. This is not an issue if you choose an EPI self levelling floor.

Workshop and garage floors are usually subject to a lot of wear. Vehicles enter and leave garages. In workshops, there is often point load due to the use of heavy machinery and equipment. These are all reasons why a garage or workshop floor has to be able to take a beating. The EPI floors are strong, shock-proof and wear-resistant and thus are an excellent underground for your workshop or garage.

EPI Coatingvloeren 600 POX
EPI Forcem PU Cement industrievloeren

Unlimited design options

It might not happen often, but when your customers do see your workshop or garage, it’s important that it looks well taken care of. For your employees as well, it’s a mood-boost to work in a well-designed space. We can incorporate your company logo in the floor, and by choosing functional colour use, you can better direct the processes in your garage or workshop. You could for example choose a different colour for your warehouse, for the space around the bridge or indicate walkways for extra safety. Or use colour to identify your customer waiting area and give it some extra flair.

Functional advantages of our floors

Our self levellingt floors are easy to clean and are fluid-tight. This is important, because oil, fuels, lubricants and chemicals are major pollutants in workshops and garages. Thanks to the low maintenance costs and the long lifespan, you’ll soon earn back your investment in an EPI floor. The most important functional characteristics of our floors are:

    • Seamless
    • Easy to clean
    • Fluid-tight
    • Low-maintenance
    • Wear-resistant
    • Anti-skid possibilities
    • Can withstand fat and chemicals
    • Cost-efficient
    • Meets Dutch requirements for waterproof certification (PBV-verklaring)
    EPI Forcem PU Cement industrievloeren
    EPI PU gietvloeren voor de industrie

    Meet our floors

    We have a variety of flooring systems suitable for garages and workshops. See below for  a selection. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom “EPI Experience” and share our expertise with you. Click the button below to get in touch or book an appointment to visit.

    A selection of EPI flooring systems for garages and workshops

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