Floors for civil and infra

EPI offers one-stop-shop solutions for civil and infra projects tailored to the requirements of your project. We deliver sustainable floors resistant to intensive loads.

Heavy duty flooring systems and wearing layers

Our one-stop-shop solutions for civil and infra projects are tailored to suit your exact requirements. The flooring systems we produce are sustainable, resistant to intensive chemical and mechanical loads in various weather conditions.

Floors in parking garages, bridge decks, overpasses, fly overs, roads, runways and platsforms are subject to heavy traffic loads. Traffic is intense and often literally heavy. In parking garages cars drive in and out. On bridge decks and fly-overs we often see wear from heavy traffic flows. All the more reason to use EPI’s heavy-duty and wear and impact resistant flooring solutions as a base for your civil and infra projects.

EPI Parkdeck vloeroplossingen voor parkeergarages
EPI brugdeksystemen, installatie brugdek


Our flooring systems and wear layers are easy to clean and maintain, are fast curing and fluid-tight. Important oil, fuels, lubricants, road salts and other chemical liquids are the main source of pollutions and damage to parking garages, bridge decks, overpasses and roads. The long lifespan and low maintenance costs make it easy to get return on investment of your surface.

The main properties of poour systems are:

    • Seamless
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Fluid-tight
    • Low maintenance
    • Wear resistant
    • Crack bridging properties
    • Non-skid options available
    • Offers protection against automotive fluids, road salts and other chemicals
    • Cost efficient
    • Resitant to weather influences
    EPI brugdeksystemen, installatie brugdek, van brienoordbrug
    EPI brugdeksystemen, installatie brugdek, van brienoordbrug

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    We have a variety of flooring systems suitable for civil and infrastructure projects. See below for  a selection. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom “EPI Experience” and share our expertise with you. Click the button below to get in touch or book an appointment to visit.

    A selection of EPI flooring systems for civil and infra projects

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