The new REACH-restriction which comes into effect from 24 August 2023 requires workers handling diisocyanates, complete trainings depending on their uses. This page lists information regarding the training.

Mandatory training for users of Polyurethane products from 24 August 2023

The REACH restriction issued by the EU makes it mandatory to have completed specific training if you work with diisocyanates (hardeners of PU products) with a total monomer content of >0.1%.

The new REACH restriction requires that workers handling diisocyanates complete training depending on their uses. The regulation defines 3 levels of training: Basic training (level I), Intermediate training (level II) and advanced training (level III).

What are diisocyanates?

Diisocyanates are a family of chemical building blocks used to make a wide variety of polyurethane products. Polyurethane is effectively derived from the chemical reaction between diisocyanates and polyols; when mixed together they polymerize. Polyurethanes would not exist without these 2 components.

Why mandatory training?

Workplace behaviour is key to ensuring the safe use of diisocyanates. If not handled properly, diisocyanates may cause respiratory sensitization – an irreversible allergic reaction. To address the potential risk, the EU is introducing mandatory training to ensure safety in the workplace for workers handling diisocyanates.

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All industrial and professional users must comply with the training requirements by 24 August 2023 to continue using diisocyanates. If you use diisocyanates, you will need to complete training at a certain level. The level of training depends on the type of products you handle.

Which training should and can I do?

Click here to go to the guide to decide which training applies to your situation.

Which training should I do when handling EPI products?

To handle EPI products containing PU hardener we suggest the following training:

  • General Training (Level 1) – no. 045
  • Adhesives and sealants
    • no. 049 – Professional application/ Flooring and waterproofing applications – Application of polyurethane products in the construction sector – polyurethane adhesives, floor adhesives and coatings as well as waterproofing (except spray application)
  • Coatings
    • no. 005 – Application by brush or roller, open mixtures, cleaning and waste (including basic training)
    • no. 020 – Coating by brush or roller, open mixture handling, cleaning and waste (including basic training)

What do the training and exam entail?

The general training is a video that can be viewed online taking 45 minutes. At the end there is a multiple choice quiz with questions about the training. When you pass the test you automatically receive a certificate which is valid for 5 years. This can be downloaded and printed.

Besides the general training, other training modules are available based on how you handle diisocyanates in your work. For example application of coatings or usage of polyurethane glues. There is a separate module that covers waste and cleaning.

Where do I find the training and more information?

The industry organisations have launched the website ‘Safe Use and Handling of Diisocyantes Trainings’: www.safeusediisocyanates.eu, where you can find more information about the training options in English, Dutch and other languages with more languages added regularly https://isopa-aisbl.idloom.events/

Training costs?

Registration costs per certificate are €5.

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