Design floors

Interior design starts with a solid base to build on, a fantastic self levelling floor or stonelook floor that lasts a life-time.
EPI offers a wide range of design floors for residential, business, hospitality and retail usage.

EPI Design floors

EPI Design floors are the perfect base for any interior, whether it’s an artisanal,  industrial or a more classic look you are after. Add to this versatility the comfort our floors give, especially in combination with underfloor heating and it’s easy to understand why an increasing number of home owners choose EPI seamless self-levelling floors.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect and the fact that our design floors allow for endless combinations, there are a number of practical reasons to choose a seamless self-levelling floor. The fact that our floors are seamless make them easy to clean. This type of floor lasts a lifetime, is very low maintenance and can easily be applied over existing floors.

Floors for schools, offices, shops and hospitality

The floor systems in schools, offices, shops and hospitality have a lot to endure. People walk on them constantly and chairs, desks or racks and scaffolding are moved on them day in day out. As such, the floor systems must be extremely wear-resistant, but this is not the only requirement posed for design floors in schools, offices, shops and restaurants. Safety is also important. Safety sometimes involves more than just preventing slips. In schools, offices and larger shops, quite often the floor is also used to indicate routing through the building or the escape route. EPI understands the importance of the functionality of these floors and delivers reliable floor systems which are user-friendly and low-maintenance.

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