Functional floors

EPI has a full range of flooring systems for functional use. Suitable for use in areas with heavy traffic and transport. Our systems can be used indoors and outdoors, have an increased skid resistance and wear resistance

Sports floors

EPI offers a complete range of sports flooring systems. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on tracks and courts. Our systens are certified by a number of sports associations.

Industrial floors

The industrial sector is very diverse as are our industrial flooring systems. Each area has their own needs and requirements. Whatever your requirements are, our specialists are happy to develop a suitable solution for you. 

Design floors

EPI design self levelling floors are a stylish base for any interior. In addition to being beautiful, easy to maintain and comfortable, our floors are also free of harmful substances.

Proud of our floors

EPI is an independent Dutch family company. We are proud to be free in the choices that we make. For three decades already, we have put our heart and soul into the development and design of first-class seamless, self-levelling design, sports, industrial and functional floors. This passion results in sensational floor products and spectacular projects. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, our wide product range and our high service level.

Only the best

We put innovation and research first. Only the best is good enough. As manufacturer, supplier and distributor, we manage the entire production chain. That’s why we can fully guarantee the quality of the floors we deliver.

EPI applicatie PU gietvloer

Specialist installers

At EPI we produce floors. We do not install them. We entrust this to our worldwide network of specialist installers. Without exception our partners love their craft and have an eye for detail. When you choose an EPI floor we connect you to a specialist installer near you.

Certified products

Complying with the applicable regulations is our concern. We don’t want our customers to have to figure out themselves whether our systems are developed and supplied in accordance with the most recent standards. As such, we produce our products in accordance with the applicable NEN-ISO 9001/14001 standards.

Quality and environment

We invest a lot of time and money into developing innovative, environmentally friendly products. That’s why EPI floors are guaranteed to be durable and stay in good condition longer than floor systems from other manufacturers. For example, the lifespan of an EPI Superbase cast floor is an unparalleled thirty to forty years. Only the top layer has to be refurbished every seven to twelve years. Additionally, an EPI floor can always serve as a base for an entirely new floor.

Our floor systems are solvent-free and/or water-based, minimising the emission of volatile organic compounds. EPI products mainly contain natural raw materials such as biopolymers and natural fillers.

EPI PU resin floors are primarily based on pure and modified vegetal oils, combined with mineral fillers and pigments. Our floors are free from solvents and PVC and contain no chemical thinners. The products don’t contain any volatile organic components (VOC-free) and therefore have nearly no emissions after the products have hardened.

Our floors contribute to the sustainability measurement of buildings, for example for BREEAM certification. The EPI Superbase floor has been included in the Mindful Materials library, where all HPDs (Health Product Declaration), certificates and test results are listed together. Building Material Scout contains the information about our products that you need for the Green Building Assessment.

Meet our floors

As we produce the floors in our own factory we have extensive knowledge in house to give you tailored advice. Contact us via the form below or call our specialists direct.

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